Wrapping Up The Semester


Presley Sockwell

Ava Mayfield and her peers are hard at work on their final PBA for English II. Many students are tirelessly working on this PBA to finalize their grades in the class.

The end of this semester also means we are nearly halfway through the school year; this is a highly stressful time for many students. Nevertheless, numerous students are finding ways to better their mental health each day.

“When I get overwhelmed, I usually take a step back and take a breather, just to give my mind a break,” athlete Samantha Strickler said. “One of my favorite things to do if I get stressed is going for a walk or a run just to clear my mind.”

Some students have found themselves struggling with the pressure of this semester, however, they also find their peers make the stress of the school year much more manageable.  

“This school year, especially taking some more AP classes, has been difficult,” sophomore Srinidhi Talamanchi said, “But I would like to say like the people in my classes have made it much better. So I’m not as concerned.”

Similarly, many students feel their mental health is better when they socialize and maintain a good bond with their peers and parents. 

  “I manage my mental health throughout the school year by keeping in touch with my peers and keeping a good relationship with my parents,” sophomore Aubrey Duddlesten said. “When I get overwhelmed, I usually take a step back and just take a breather to give my mind a break.”

Likewise, time management is a vital skill for students, and many are continuing to find a balance to best manage time for themselves and school work. 

“I find it very important to have discipline and stop doing things that are not a priority such as going through social media or wasting time in general,” senior Victor De Souza said, “Because then you have enough time to balance completing your work and having fun with friends.” 

Being aware of the stress many students are under, some teachers have found ways to help students feel more prepared

“I recommend a to-do list and prioritizing what needs to be done in order of importance and by the due date” biology teacher Anum Jiwani said, “I think just reminding yourself that you are 14, 15, 16, [or] 17 years old, and this is not a huge deal.”

As the semester concludes, students begin to reflect back on the progression of their time management skills throughout the semester.

“Maintenance was needed on my schedule and priorities,” De Souza said. “But after I submitted all of my applications in October, I managed to balance hanging out with my friends, working out and maintaining my mental health, and of course school.” 

While school can be stressful, it’s essential to have a positive outlook and to find time for yourself. 

“Find something that you’d like to do,” Talamanchi said, “Just anything that makes you happy, and make time for it throughout the week so that you’re not just concerned about studies.”