Reedy Senior Talks Plans For College


Senior Nickolas Vo gets into University of North Texas. Vo plans to head out to college after finishing out the school year. He plans to attend the University of North Texas in Dallas to pursue a career in the STEM field. “I plan on majoring in biology,” Vo said. “Specifically wildlife biology because I like wildlife.”

As the school year is drawing to a close, seniors are getting more aware of the fact that their time in high school is coming to an end, starting to think about college and other opportunities beyond high school. Nickolas Vo, a senior at the school, has decided to go to University of North Texas and wants to major in wildlife biology.

According to Vo, one of the major appealing factors about the school was that the school colors were green and that a lot of people were also interested in going to the school, but he still has his doubts.

“I have some good friends going to different colleges and I wanted to go to the same colleges as them,” Vo said. “But I also didn’t want people to affect my college decisions.”

After pursuing higher education, Vo intends to pursue a career path in the STEM field. He claims his success in science during high school is a reason for this choice.

“I was always really good at science throughout high school, and I still am really good at science,” Vo said. “So I just figured, I wanted to do STEM.”

Scholarships are a way students pay for college. There are many different reasons students receive scholarships. Scholarships are given out for sports, academics, and many more. As far as scholarships go, Vo claims that he already has received a couple. However, he has yet to take action on them.

“I have some scholarships,” Vo said. “I just need to accept them.”

Despite the fact that he’s more than ready to leave high school, Vo feels some uneasiness about entering college. Considering the increased amount of work and new relationships to make with other people.

“I’m mostly ready, but also not mentally prepared,” Vo said. “Mostly it’s the work that I’m gonna have to do and making new relationships with other people.”

Going to college can be a scary moment, but having a plan can ease the stress of the transition. All in all, leaving for college is a stressful yet fulfilling experience. 

“Yes,” Vo said. “I am very ready.”