Topcats- 1st six weeks


Casey WrightCasey Wright:

Casey Wright, a sophomore, was awarded the Integrity Top Cat for always wanting to do the right thing. From leading the way in band with a leadership position, to encouraging students to be themselves, she is glad to have this achievement in her school life.  “It’s a staple point letting me know what I’m doing is correct,” Casey said. “So that way, I can continue to do what I’m doing in order to benefit the people around me.”


img_9955-copyPatrick Wang:

The Perseverance Top Cat for this six weeks was awarded to sophomore Patrick Wang. Patrick came into Reedy this year with one goal in mind; to get all A’s his tenth grade year. He sought redemption from last year, and has done so with flying colors. “It feels really honorable to be recognized,” Wang said. “I come across as just a regular kid walking the halls, so for someone to acknowledge my hard work is really cool.”


img_9960-copyAaron Bradshaw:

Junior Aaron Bradshaw won the Integrity Top Cat award this six weeks for being an honest and trustworthy student and peer. Although Aaron is currently enrolled in four AP classes, he doesn’t believe his actions are anything other than ordinary, because he always works his hardest and tries his best. “This award shows me that teachers are always watching, even when you don’t think they are,” Aaron said. “This pushes me to be the best student I can be, and to always have integrity.”

img_9957-copyNiya Pennie:

Sophomore Niya Pennie was awarded this six week’s award of Perseverance for her outstanding determination and confidence. Niya is a new student to Reedy, so she has been working very hard by going to extra tutorials and getting help from her teachers. “This award shows me that people realize and acknowledge how hard I work,” Niya said. “I try not to get discouraged when I am struggling with certain classes, and always stay positive with a smile on my face.”


img_9963-copyCassidy Wisneski:

Freshman Cassidy Wisneski was awarded this six week’s Top Cat award of Service for working hard in all of her classes. Always trying to do her best, Cassidy is respectful to everyone around her, from her fellow students to the entire staff and faculty of Reedy. “This award tells me that I’m doing my best to work hard and try in High School,” Cassidy said. “That’s why I would tell other students to just try and don’t be afraid to fail.”


img_9959-copyArub Ahmad:

Sophomore Arub Ahmad was awarded the Community Top Cat award this six weeks for her helpful and caring attitude towards her school and fellow peers. Arub tries to be of service whenever she can, and always has a positive attitude when doing so. “I really care about this school and the rest of my community,” Arub said, “and this award just goes to show that people will be recognized for helping out whenever they can.”


img_9970-copyJay Crandell:

Junior Jay Crandell was awarded the Innovation Top Cat this six weeks for his creativity and ability to be himself. Jay embraces his individuality and wants others to do the same. “I believe I was awarded this because I think outside of the box,” Jay said. “I want the other students to know that it’s okay to be different, and that they should be confident in themselves and everything they do.”


img_99521-copyLynn Palmer:

The InnovationTop Cat for this six weeks was awarded to sophomore Lynn Palmer. Lynn has been choosing for working hard and developing projects and ideas. She believes the characteristic that has brought her to her success is determination, which is necessary to make ideas come alive. “No dream is too big,” Lynn said. “If someone wants something, they should do it. There’s nothing to lose.”


img_99543-copyGabe Abramo:

Sophomore Gabe Abramo has been awarded the Top Cat award for the first six weeks for Community. His hard work and leadership in creating clubs that will hopefully last generations shows how much pride is inside his heart. “Even if you’re not a big fan of school events, make your own,” Gabe said. “The feeling of being able to provide for the school is one that words can’t describe.”


img_99576-copyRithvik Suresh:

Junior Rithvik Suresh has been awarded the Top Cat award this six weeks for Service. Rithvik always does his best to help out his teachers even when they don’t ask for it, and genuinely enjoys doing the right thing. “I would tell other students to always be nice to people because you never know what they’re going through,” Rithvik said. “Who knows, that small ounce of politeness you give them could make their day.”