Kyle’s Morning Jacket (Candid)


Junior Kyle Grevsmuehl had never expected to meet one of his favorite celebrities, and yet, just only four weeks ago he had that opportunity.

“My idol is Jim James and his band, My Morning Jacket,” Kyle said. “I actually was able to go to a solo act last month and I actually got to meet him; I waited outside the door for about a couple of hours, until I was finally able to get a picture and an autograph.”

Kyle was nervous at first when meeting Jim James, as is normal for anyone meeting their favorite celebrity for the first time, but overall he enjoyed the experience.

“It was pretty awesome,” Kyle said. “I was starstruck at first, but he was a good down to earth guy.”

For a while now, Kyle has always wanted to gather some friends of his and play music for the entire world to hear.

“Music is my passion, something I want to do in life,” Kyle said. “It seems unrealistic, but I want to create my own band; it’s a big goal of mine.”

Although it may seem difficult, Kyle won’t give up hope until his dream of having his own band is complete.

“I love music and I play drums and guitar,” Kyle said. “I try to tell myself everyday that nothing is impossible and that everyone should believe that as well.”