Samantha Strickler: A Lioness with the Lions

Although there are no rules against girls playing football, very few take part in this American tradition. Since Reedy has opened its doors, a total of two girls have played for the Reedy Lions, one of them being freshman Samantha Strickler. Playing since she was five years old, Samantha has been committed to football for a very long time. Her older brothers, Ian, Daniel, and James played football for Reedy and have always been supportive of her participation.

“My older brothers always encouraged me to play around with them,” Strickler said.” I’ve liked it ever since my first game and have been playing since.”

Before playing for Reedy, Strickler played for Pearson Middle School. Coach Burns has had the opportunity to watch Strickler’s growth in the field.

“I had the pleasure of coaching Sam at Pearson,” said Coach Burns. “She has done everything we’ve asked of her. She’s a great role model and an excellent kicker.”

Not only has Strickler shown great skill on the field, but also in the classroom.

“She has also shown growth from a leadership standpoint,” said Coach Burns. “She is great in the classroom, with all of our football players. She has been fantastic.”

It is easy to say that Strickler has earned the admiration of the coaches and her fellow teammates. 

“She’s amazing at kicking for sure,” said freshmen player Ryan Mcknight. “ She can kick it really far and it definitely helps us out.” 

Not only does she play for the Reedy Football team, but also for our soccer and basketball teams. However, this creates conflicts in her schedule. 

“I practice in the mornings with JV and varsity,” said Strickler. “I can’t be in fourth period because I’m in athletics for basketball and soccer”

While Strickler has no difficulty and stands on equal ground with her teammates, there are still some activities she cannot partake in. 

“The locker room experience is different, especially before games,” said Strickler. “When they’re all blasting music and hyping each other up, I’m in my locker room on my phone.” 

Regardless of all the struggles, Strickler still loves every second of it.

“I love being part of a team and doing something that I love,” said Strickler.  

In the future, Samantha Strickler hopes that her accomplishments encourage other girls to join football.

“I think a lot of girls want to join but their parents won’t let them,” said Strickler. “So I think my being on the team will be an example to show their parents to convince them.”

Samantha Strickler advises girls that like playing football to keep pushing forward.

“Just put your all into it. Because if you put your all and show what you got, you’ll do good.”