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The student news site of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas

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Cheering on The Reedy Lions

Madelyn Emmett
Reedy High School freshman cheerleaders hyping up the student section. Reedy Cheer placed 13th in the 2024 UIL competition.

High school football games are filled with lots of excitement—the bright lights, the intense game, and the sound of cheering. Students may not realize the crucial role cheerleaders play in the overall feeling of the game and the work they put into keeping the bleachers energized. 

Despite the common misconception held by some that cheerleading isn’t a sport, the team works hard to create a perfect performance. 

“People tend to think that school cheer is not a sport and that it’s not hard at all,” JV cheerleader Julianne Moats said. “There’s a huge amount of work and practice that we’ve put into all our performances. We try to make it look easy so that it’s clean.” 

The team puts in hours of practice to serve one goal. Cheerleaders serve as a voice for school spirit and encourage others to take pride in the pride. 

“Our girls and boys are very good at being ambassadors for spirit ,” cheer coach Cristal Maddox said. “[They] [show] how much you should care about what goes on at school. They’re essential, because they’re the ones, along with our dance team, that are the spirit leaders of the school.”

Not only does cheering help create spirit in the student body, but also helps the cheerleaders develop important life skills. 

“Cheer has taught me to learn a lot more about life in general,” freshman cheerleader Mason Myers said. “For example, how being a good team-mate is super important to being a good player. It’s taught me tons of leadership roles and how to just be a more positive person.”

This sport has created a positive impact on the Reedy team; however, a significant drawback to cheering is the constant injuries cheerleaders face. 

“We get a ton of injuries,” JV cheerleader Lauren Smith said. “Right now I have a fractured back which I already fractured once in 2020. It’s hard dealing with constant injuries, but thinking positively has helped me overcome them.”

Despite the dangers related to cheering, the team still continues to shine. Some players say their love of the sport outweighs the risk. 

“I’ve gotten hurt a lot,” Moats said. “It always sucks when you get hurt since you’re out for a pretty long time. But once you get back, it’s a really wholesome moment because you’re finally back in the sport you love.”

Despite the challenges and frequent injuries faced by cheerleaders, cheer provides players with meaningful opportunities. The support and friendship among Reedy cheerleaders play a crucial role in their ability to overcome adversity. 

“I’ve made friends, like lifelong friends, and I’ve learned important lessons in cheer,” freshman cheerleader Madeline Belkin said. “It’s literally a built-in family. It gives you a different life experience that you wouldn’t get to have if you weren’t on the cheer team.”


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