Homecoming; Wrapping up the Regular Season

Reedy Lions preparing to enter the field after halftime in the Reedy v Lebanon Trail game.

The end of football season is approaching and so is Reedy’s Homecoming. This Friday, October 21st, will be Reedy’s homecoming game at Toyota Stadium. Our Reedy Lions will be playing against the Frisco Racoons.

“It’s a big rivalry between us and Frisco,” Kaleb Smith said. “We haven’t beaten them in the last four years.”

So far, our Lions have been undefeated. Reedy is placed seventh in the state in the 5A I division, and third in the area. While Frisco High School is not ranked, the Raccoons are also undefeated. 

“They’re undefeated right now,” Kahil Smith said. “And so are we, so it should be a really good game.”

The players have been working hard not only throughout the season but throughout the summer as well. Conditioning played a big part in their summer, and practice has been going on every day.

“We have been practicing the best that we ever have to feel more determined than ever,” Dennis Moody said. “We have been putting our best foot forward.”

After many wins, it can be easy to get careless. 

“We just don’t want to get complacent and expect easy games,” Dixon Hudson said. “We think every game is gonna be a hard game. So we go out and give our best.”

The coaches play a big part in motivating the team. The varsity coaches make sure that our players are always in top shape. 

“The coaches are gonna keep us down to earth and they’re gonna keep us in check,” Kahil Smith said. “There was a lot of leadership on this team, so we should be good.”

This game, however, is not just any regular game. Homecoming is awaited all year long by many high school students. 

“It adds a little bit more to the urge to win,” Hudson said. “But we are in reality just preparing for another game.”

As one of the top football teams in the state, many college recruiters have been watching the games. All throughout the season, D1 college recruiters were keeping an eye out for our players. Although this can be a lot of pressure, the Lions are not letting it affect their performances. 

“We are just gonna do our thing,” Kahil Smith said. “Scouts, yeah that’s cool  but we play for each other.”

So far, this season has been one of the best for Reedy High School. It is safe to say that our players will not disappoint in this next game. 

“Frisco High School, we are ready for you,” Hudson said.