Defying all obstacles

Sara Nava, Reporter

A new Frisco team has sprung and high expectations were apparent when Reedy’s JV volleyball team started their first season ever.  Head Varsity coach Katie Rackley chose her squad carefully, and it has paid off.  

Practicing 9-10 hours a week has led the team to be undefeated, standing at 11-0 in their district.

“Our biggest competition was Mckinney North’s Varsity team, “Coach Rackley said. “Winning that match was the most memorable moment so far.”

The expectations of a new team, especially in Frisco are high when two schools merge.

“My expectations from here on out is to go undefeated,” Rackley said.  “I also would like to teach the program that we can never coast through things. It is hard work that gets you what you want. We will be in a competitive district next year and we need to be prepared.”


There is always a lot of excitement when opening a new school and being able to build a program like this one.  A lot of effort was put into this volleyball program in order to become successful.

“The opportunity that we have here at Reedy is amazing,” Rackley said. “Not many people get to say they started a program floor and up.  Every part of our program has stepped in and helped out. The parents have been so supportive with taking care of the items off the court, the teachers have helped develop these ladies in the classroom and the athletes have bought in and are running with the success.”